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Challenges of Testing Salesforce

Salesforce is known to be very flexible: businesses can develop customized applications (more than 4 millions) to better manage their resources, functions, vendors, and customers. Top companies using Salesforce are actively releasing new features and updates monthly or even more frequently. This is the key to success. Howewer, no matter how good you are, errors happen in production and this means a significant waist of time fixing pushed code, rather than developing new features.

Most companies operating on Salesforce platform leverage continuous integration and Agile or DevOps methodology. Quality Assurance teams have to deal daily with complex test frameworks and required documents, role-based testing, dynamic IDs and 3rd party integration testing.  In such challenging ecosystem, it's fundamental to choose a test automation tool that is reliable, flexible and easy to use.

With Qualibrate you can automate a script in minutes and make sure the level of quality is never compromised.

 How does Qualibrate work?

Record a Salesforce Business Process with Qualibrate

Qualibrate is very easy to use: by simply recording your Salesforce business process you can run automated and manual testing, have updated documentation and training in minutes.

The Business Process will be your unique source of truth: it will ensure that testing, documentation and training scenarios are always in sync, updated and ready to run.

1 platform, 3 deliverables


With Qualibrate you make sure the right level of quality is never compromised: it offers the ultimate test automation solutions with its unique record and playback feature.


Once you’ve recorded your flow you can automatically produce the Business Process Documentation that is lean, relevant and simple to create yet easy to maintain.


Easily create interactive training with comments and highlights. Screen simulation, business data and team conversations ensure new users hit the ground running.


Why Qualibrate is the perfect choice for Testing Salesforce


Qualibrate requires no coding skills to create automated scripts.

Everyone can easily run automated tests.


Qualibrate is a data-driven platform: you can change input parameter values any time, making it easy to maintain a script.


We built Qualibrate with an open architecture allowing any possible 3rd party integration.


With Qualibrate you perform testing authentication for system users using an easy to use test data management capability


Qualibrate automatically recognizes each object and picks the proper method to map it.


Dashboards within Qualibrate are easy and quick to understand. Find out at a glance the test cases that are not succesful and why.

How to automate a Salesforce script in minutes

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