SAP test Data Management

SAP test data management

SAP customers today face constant changes from upgrades, enhancement packs, new integrations, business transformations etc. In addition, SAP systems and IT systems in general, are increasing in complexity making the challenge of ensuring high-quality applications even greater. The goal for modern IT departments is to be able to release more functionality, more frequently with higher quality.

Providing teams with environments that have compliant and relevant data ensure that critical changes to your applications can be validated with production quality data reducing the chances of failures in deployment. Fully automated testing is critical for delivering at high speed and adopting modern delivery paradigms such as DevOps.

This is a challenge that Qualibrate and Attunity have joined forces to resolve, providing an end-to-end solution that focuses on reducing the pain-points traditionally faced when introducing changes into your SAP landscapes at high speed without sacrificing quality.

Our integrated solution helps organizations to deploy fully tested, fully documented SAP non-production environments with scrambled, anonymized data in hours instead of months.


Scrambling and masking to ensure GDPR compliance of non-production systems

Full orchestration by automating operations for SAP data copies: reduce the errors during execution

Ability to create custom templates for moving data across the different landscapes

Ability to copy selective data for multiple SAP applications, maintaining data synchro.

Reduce the risk of time consuming errors by validating target for data and functional integrity

Selective extraction of production data to reduce data-footprint on non-production

Solution & Use Cases

SAP test data management - Qualibrate & Attunity - Solution cases


Fixing a defect in production can cost up to 30x times more than if found and fixed earlier.

This integrated solution offers customers the ability to easily and rapidly provision a test environment by isolating and importing production data into a new test environment.

Developers can then quickly reproduce the issue, implement a fix, test it and redeploy a patch in production


In non-production systems, like test and development environments, data creation and deletion is often out of control.

Test environments require pristine sets of data to be used for regression or acceptance testing: with Qualibrate and Attunity you can refresh data snapshots as many times as you want and transform your test data to a state that teams can easily manage.


Managing production data is risky business, especially in the context of new regulations around protecting sensitive data from any people that interact with your organization and systems.

Qualibrate and Attunity Gold Client offer capabilities to ensure that any sensitive data moved from a production system to a non-production landscape is always anonymized by using masking and scrambling techniques.

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