Bringing the world of DevOps to SAP© applications: the DXC Qualibrate joint solution.


AbapGit brings the industry-standard Git workflow and estabilishes versioning, collaboration and informal reuse of ABAP, HTML5 and JAVA code that is changed/built.
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GitHub acts as the lead repository of all developments enabling geographically unrestricted developer collaboration without the need for developer keys. GitHub then becomes the lead contributor to CI/CD pipelines between the topology of DEV, QAS, and PROD landscapes.
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Jenkins acts as the automation orchestration engine and interfaces with both GitHub workflow triggers and Qualibrate automated functional & regression tests. It will also take care of the build process which will execute unit tests as early as possible, shifting testing to the left of the SDLC.
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Qualibrate is where pre-configured automated test scripts are stored and executed. The test results will then be fed back into Jenkins and GitHub to validate the acceptance criteria. Further test coverage and analytics can be managed in Qualibrate.
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Companies dealing with Digital Transformation programs are facing many challenges planning, designing, building, integrating, testing and deploying their Enterprise software applications on time and within budget.

Business and IT Executives are regularly looking for proven solutions to help teams deliver business value as fast as possible and without operational disruptions: zero down-time and zero incidents.

Traditional implemntation

What is DevOps?

DevOps is best described as the conventions and practices that create a collaborative and communicative partnership between development and operations groups. These practices incorporate two key concepts (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) that contribute to the automation of the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Joint DXC Qualibrate DevOps platform

DXC and Qualibrate built a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) solution, which leverages on tools such as Jenkins and Github. It supports developments on SAP Cloud Platform and also on classic on-premise SAP ABAP & Java developments.

Our integrated solution is designed, trialed and built as a platform to manage the continuous delivery of business value with fast-feedback loops and  defect prevention through early validation checks.

We believe that the move to S/4HANA will speed up the need for SAP's Eclipse IDE and related open-source tools but with our platform every SAP customer. can adopt Agile and DevOps principles and tools on the current SAP landscape, today. 

DevOps platform

SAP ABAP Continuos integration approach

CI approach

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