Big Useful Data How many tests have you run? How many defects have been found? What percentage of training have your users completed? Setup dashboards and see everything you need to know in real time with Qualibrate Analytics.
Get an overview of all your business processes At Qualibrate we believe in business process optimization. Too often customers don't know either know all of their business processes or have duplicate processes which are no longer necessary. Use the Qualibrate cloud platform to view, standardize and optimize your business processes. Update once and all of your test and training documents are updated automatically leaving you ready to run.
Group Similar Tasks Whether it's creating sales orders, creating outbound deliveries or raising invoices often similar tasks are repeated in business processes. Use the Qualibrate cloud platform to better understand your business users tasks and optimize your processes.
No Application Access, No Problem. Qualibrate gives users two training options. First of all interactive training where users are prompted to perform actions in the target application and secondly the virtual training room where users can learn the system offline. No more excuses for end user training.
Manual Testing Just Got Smarter Fed up with writing excel files and constantly trying to keep them maintained? With Qualibrate Manual Test Runner you can execute manual tests which are always up to date as well as automate repetitive tasks. Now testing can be exploratory and agile meaning less time testing and more time optimizing your application and getting new functionality out faster.
Automated Testing 3.0 The problem with automated testing has always been maintenance. What if your automated tests were automatically updated as soon as your Business Process documentation has changed? Qualibrate makes use of its proprietary technology to optimize efforts required for maintaining your automated testing assets. Harness the value of test automation by running automated tests on demand.
Qualibrate is the award winning solution that allows you to accelerate the documentation,
the training and the testing of your SAP and Web Application. Join the Agile crowd
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